Songs are like sunshine

Its cold, so Alice and I left the books on the shelf, and listened to songs about flowers and sunshine tonight.




My girl

I’m in LA for work. I love that Alice and her dad get to bond while I’m away. Truth: Each morning I cry because I miss her. I feel weak. Reality: Time to wake up, shower, deep breathes – I am strong and I will be home soon to kiss this little munchkin! 

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Good deeds, making strangers into friends since forever…

When you think about your day-to-day, few of us are lucky enough to spend it with who we choose, or who we love. We are running to the store, spending over 9 hours at work and deciding between a great dinner with little down time or something quick with a bit more time to play…

Its not just you, it is also the people around you. Do you ever look around while running an errand and think, wow that person looks like they are having a shitty day & does not want to be here. Taking it even further, do you ever do anything about it? Probably not, and I do not blame you.

But – how impactful it can be when someone does.

Just this past Sunday I was picking up bagels from Myers Bagel Bakery on Pine Street to bring home for family & houseguests. Alice decided she wanted to join me, then decided she wanted to not come with me (once we were in the car). While in the bagel shop, she proceeded to slap me across the face in a fit of rage (yes, I know what your thinking, how could such a precious little peanut do that?).

If it were not for the presence of others in a public place, I would have been quite upset, but instead I continued to pick her up and walk out the door. That’s when a baker from the shop ran out to my car and proceeded to give me a look of support, and handed Alice a warm bagel.

Good deeds, making strangers into friends since forever…




Just a little over 2 years ago, I had a baby…

Our friend, Joe, made this video for us – looking back I am so glad we did this. Captures the little precious moments so well… #rightsideproductions

Like a girl

I hope Alice snowboards like a girl🙂 Hat’s off to the team from Always (never thought I would say that):

Waking up your senses…

Never under estimate the power of a beautiful song, and one of those short movies that go along with it. What are those called again? Oh yeah, a music video. Well, this one is too good not to share. 

Love creates memories, memories are forever, which makes love last forever… This is at least my interpretation of this ear pleaser.



I will never let you go
I know you want me, know you want me
Learning love means not to know
I’ll learn to take it, learn to take your love

I will never leave your fears
I know you’re lost now, know you’re lost now
Counting days won’t buy us years
We’ll start it over, start it over love

I’ll never let the magic go, I’ll float away into your afterglow (Love)
I’ll never let you go, I’ll melt away into your afterglow

The sky will melt in tears
I’ll float away into your afterglow
The sky will melt in tears
I’ll melt away into your afterglow

People never smile to say goodbye
Leaving means there’s nothing left to try
But I broke my wings for you
I smiled as you untied our love for good


The sky will melt in tears
I’ll float away into your afterglow
The sky will melt in tears
I’ll melt away into your afterglow
The sky will melt in tears
I’ll melt away into your afterglow
The sky will melt in tears
I’ll float away into your afterglow

Being a mom is no excuse

What am I talking about??? Well, if you read my previous post you might get it. I had every intention of re-birthing my blog (pun intended), but shit happens. I switched jobs, Alice became a toddler. And hot damn – time just keeps ticking.

Q: So, what is this post going to be about? A: Time & follow-through AKA making shit happen verses dreaming.

How many times have you said, I really want to do that? And blink your eyes, and you’re in your 30’s and you are still thinking it. Please say I am not alone here. I have no intentions of making this a pity post, but to make it rather a celebratory one. Hell, I wanted a baby, and made that happen, needed a career shift, and did that. What’s next?

My point is, you may not be doing everything you dreamed of doing. BUT you probably have done a lot, and sometimes the best part of my day is when I catch myself still dreaming. I hope I never stop. I personally think it is impossible to reach all of our dreams, but that is what keeps us going, right? Because someday that dream just might come true.. And now that I have a little one, I get to see what she dreams.

Here is the part for Alice (and when you laugh), drum roll…: Yes, I still want to be a rock star, but there are a lot of things I am forever grateful for and will not take for granted, ever.

My parting words for now: here’s to giving yourself a break, and getting over meeting other’s expectations, and lastly doing what makes you happy (while making a few mistakes while figuring that out).

P.S. Alice is growing like a weed @ 30 months, for those who do not do age in months that is 2 and a 1/2 years old!

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